This mid weight shawl is handwoven out of Chenille  in multiple strands of Oceany colors - gray, blue and cream. The colors are very subtle and can be seen better in person. For those that can't wear wools or if you just like something different!  


It will fit a tall to average person on the shoulders and cover the hips. On a smaller person, it will cover you up! :).  

Chenille Shawl, Ocean Blue/Gray and Cream

  • I will gladly accept returns, AFTER I talk to you and find out what the issue may be. I want my customers to be happy with their purchase, and seeing/touching is the only way you will know if you really like it! 


    I post on the events page where Mayhem Farm will be displaying these items so you can see them, if it is convenient for you.

  • I recommend hand washing, the simple way, for all my scarves and shawls. Put in a sink of luke warm water with a bit of dawn or shampoo. Let soak for about 15 min, swish, rinse, squeeze out. Roll in a towel if you wish. I hang the shawls on a collapsable folding clothes rack and untangle the fring with my fingers. They dry in no time!


    Rugs - throw on a railing or fence and hose 'em off. Or a bit messier, put in the tub and squish like grapes and rinse. The hard part is hanging it somewhere where it won't drip all over :)